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  •       Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhuhai, Guang Anda beautiful and romantic coastal special economic zones of the city - Zhuhai. High-tech companies to the core, market-oriented product development, production, sales and service in one of modern enterprises, the company focused on domestic and international packaging industry to provide moisture, rust, mildew, preservation, anti-static, etc. products and services. 
    Guang Anda technology has many experienced senior field managers, chemical engineers, the company is excellent quality, stability, a strong guarantee. Wide efforts to develop new technological advances Anda products in response to a global low carbon green, environmentally friendly low-carbon equipment modification updates, both for the enterprises to enhance the market competitiveness, but also to provide professional and reasonable solution. Product quality to reach the U.S. military standard MIL-D-346E, the German standards DIN55473; SGS environmental testing and certification compliance with EU RoHS directive. 
          Our products are widely applied in electronics, semiconductors, circuit boards, chemicals, clothing, optical products, military supplies, metal products, food, health products, handicrafts, export container transport packaging and other industries and fields. 
    Future - will be widely Anda technology in product development, marketing, customer service, environmental protection, to invest more energy and money, the company needs to adapt to changes in market organization of professional and technical personnel to conduct market research, create pages, to strengthen sales network , actively capture the information at any time to investigate the product structure, increase new product development projects, customized products according to customer requirements. Provide the community with a richer, excellent products, provide customers with quality service and continuous efforts ... ... 
    Guang Anda technology to really be "customer-oriented, people-oriented"; wide Anda people open mind, allowing you to rest assured that with our cooperative security, create a better future. 
    Main the following products: 

    Humidity indicator, desiccant dryer, color silica gel, desiccant environmental protection, natural mineral desiccant, desiccant aromatic, anti-rust products, cobalt-free humidity indicator, desiccant deodorant, anti-static shielding bag, aluminum foil bags. 

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